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About The Location

Anilao is located about 3 hours drive south of Manila on the island of Luzon, in the Batangas province of the Philippines


The northwest shore of the Calumpang Peninsula, from Anilao to Bagalangit, is lined with local resorts that cater primarily to local tourists. Although the beach at Anilao is not recommended for swimming, thatched bamboo rafts, rustic cabins and picnic cabanas are available for rental at local resorts. From these resorts, you can also rent a boat for island hopping and visit the diving spots, coves, and islands like the Sombrero and Maricaban islands.


About The Dive Sites

Anilao is popular with divers and snorkelers. The waters surrounding the area are teeming with marine life, plenty of corals and amazing diversity of fishes. Divers and underwater photographers are attracted to Anilao for the incredible diversity, rich reefs, variety of fish, unexpected critters and nudibranches turning up at every corner.

There are over 50+ dive sites around Anilao and they are primarily located in the southern area. It’s best to pick an accommodation that’s located towards the south so that you’ll have shorter boat rides to the diving sites (boat rides can take up to 15 to 30 minutes).


About Mayumi Resort

They have facilities such as rooms, restaurant with a bar, a mini dive shop, sea side bar and deck. The rooms are well closely arranged on a slope and incorporated with a restaurant and about 15 meters away from beach front. Road is accessible all the way to their parking lot and with a few steps down you will be on their reception counter area. Individual private locker is available upon request for all day trippers.

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