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Love diving with The Submersibles

Meliz Melissa

Nov 7, 2016

We love diving with The Submersibles. Every instructor is patient and encouraging. Loving their positivity. I never fathomed that I'd dive, but with the help of The Submersibles, I am beginning to feel comfortable diving.

meliz melissa.jpg

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Thumbs up!

Alaska Ng

May 4, 2016

My husband & I have been diving with Submersibles for a few years now. Why? They are truly a responsible and responsive crew. As diving is a sport with risks, their team ensures that their dive gear and the expertise of the instructors & operators on site are up to par as these play an important role to ensure that your dive experience is safe and fun. I saw how dedicated the team was training/teaching our cousins for their OWD certification, they are now going to take AOWD. We're sticking with Submersibles for their fantastic service and 'safety comes first attitude'. Thumbs up!

alaska ng.jpg

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Joy to dive with The Submersibles

Manfred Mak

Mar 22, 2016

Always a joy to dive with The Submersibles. Instructors are very dedicated to ensure that you get the best dive education to prepare you for the wonders of the open sea. Dive trips are extremely fun and relaxing at the same time! You can be sure that you will make many new friends who enjoy diving as much as you do! One final word of advice... once you go Submersibles, you always go back!

manfred mak.jpg

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Fantastic dive experience!

Juliana Koh

Jan 7, 2016

A fantastic dive experience. The instructor was very mindful of differing abilities and accommodating of individual idiosyncrasies. I highly recommend beginners to take this on with The Submersibles.

juliana koh.jpg

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Back from Komodo trip

Melissa Huang

Oct 12, 2015

Just got back from yet another amazing dive trip in Komodo! Submersibles never disappoint with taking me through a great trip with a peace of mind! Always giving sound pre-trip advices and arranging trips through dependable dive operators and guides. The sun, the sea, and the joy of diving with wonderful company! Always highly recommended!!

melissa huang.jpg

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Awesome dive shop

JM Wong

Sep 21, 2015

Most awesome dive shop with top Master Scuba Diver Trainer qualifications. Under their superb guidance and speciality courses am on the way to master scuba. The Submersibles rock!

jm wong.jpg

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