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About Solitude Adventurer
The newest addition to the Solitude Liveaboard & Resorts family, Solitude Adventurer (IMO MV Mega Adventurer) is a 36-metre (118ft) aluminium catamaran vessel that specializes in dive trips around the Indonesian region. Solitude Adventurer can cater up to 18 guests, and has plenty of features to make sure everyone onboard feel safe and comfortable, whether they’re getting ready for a dive or lounging around during surface intervals.

Ambon-Banda Islands-Saumlaki
Starting with muck diving in Ambon and then crossing the Banda Sea, tracing the perimeter of islands. Let our experienced crew show you these remote and almost untouched locations with wonderful reefs and stunning drop offs.

Marine life here is in abundance from macro critters, sea snakes and schooling fish to the ‘big fish’ favorites such as manta rays, reef sharks and even the chance to encounter Hammerheads.



Day 1 – Embarkation (Ambon) begins from 0800Hrs
Embarkation at the harbour of Ambon starts from 0800Hrs to 1500Hrs.Only transfers from Ambon Domestic Airport are included in the cruise package. Hotel/resort transfers to the embarkation point can be organized by Solitude with a 3rd party transportation company but will subject to additional charges. These charges will vary depending on your location. You are best advised to organize with your resort/hotel to be transferred directly to the embarkation point or to Ambon Domestic Airport Terminal where we can pick you up from 0800hrs onwards.

Upon boarding Solitude Adventurer, a welcome from the rest of our crew awaits you. Orientation and registration (remember your C-Cards and/or Log Books!) will begin once you are welcomed. You are encouraged to complete your registration and general liability release forms prior to embarkation; this way you will save yourself some time with the orientation and can use this towards getting yourself settled in and rested! If you have not, there is nothing to worry about as you can complete them after the orientation to hand to your cruise directors.

During the registration, Permit and National Park fees will be collected as well. Lunch and/or Dinner are included.

Day 1. (0-2 dives) 2pm. Our staff will meet you upon your arrival to Pattimura Airport, Ambon or local hotel and transfer you to the awaiting Blue Manta. Arrivals before midday are best so we can make check dive(s) in Ambon Bay before we get underway by 2pm for overnight sail.

Day 2. (3 dives) Saparua & Nusa Laut with its pristine corals. Sail to Banda Islands.

Day 3-4. (3 dives x2 days) Diving around Banda Islands with excellent visibility, fantastic coral coverage and tremendous numbers of fish along with potential Hammerhead sightings, plus a visit to one of the Spice Islands.

Day 5-7. (3 dives x3 days) Ring of Fire; diving around Volcanic Islands and stunning seamounts in search of hammerheads, encounter many sea snakes, huge schools of fish, reef sharks, tunas, & other pelagic superstars.

Day 8-10. (3 dives x3 days) Forgotten Islands; Dai & Dawera. Rarely visited, pristine corals, pinnacles, & walls.

Day 11. (2 dives) Dawera Island; easy shallow dives full of life for a great happy ending. Sail back to Saumlaki where you spend last night on board. Plenty of time to wash & dry equipment, rest & relaxation, and if need be, an early flight on Trip Departure day.

Day 12. (0 dives) After a big breakfast, we will organise an appreciation briefing followed by final disembarkation for our guests. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate late Check-Out requests as we must prepare for the new cruise the next day.we transfer to local hotel or airport. Take your pre-booked flight to Ambon, then onto Bali or Jakarta via Ujung Pandang.


The daily itinerary, except on days of embarkation and disembarkation, is as follows:

Light Breakfast > Dive > Big Breakfast > Dive > Lunch > Dive >Afternoon Snack> Night Dive> Dinner

Note: 3 dives are scheduled per diving day*. This is due to deeper dives and long distances covered between islands. Where possible a bonus night dive may be scheduled at the discretion of the Cruise Leader. *Except Trip Departure day & Trip Return day.

Note that all schedules are subjected to changes according to weather, sea, diving, & local conditions.

State Room: USD5,775/pax
Deluxe Room: USD5,500/pax
Quad Room: USD5,335/pax


Embarkation / Disembarkation: Ambon (AMQ) / Saumlaki (SXK)

How to get to Ambon (AMQ)
We will be there to transfer you to the MV Solitude Adventurer (10 minutes transfer). Lion Air daily flights from Bali via Makassar or Manado, Garuda Indonesia or Sriwijaya Air from Jakarta via Makassar to Ambon (flight time around 3 hours).

How to get from Saumlaki (SXK)
Lion Wings flights from Saumlaki to Ambon (flight time 1.5 hours). After same airline Ambon to Jakarta (flight time 3.5 hours).

Trip Schedule
Departure; 2pm, 1st Day - Laha Bay, Ambon. Or earlier if everyone arrives before and if all Trip Preparations are completed. Free transfer from local hotel or Pattimura Airport, Ambon to Blue Manta on Trip Departure day (transfer time 10 mins).

Return; 5am, Last Day - Saumlaki. After a light breakfast and fond farewells, we take you to local hotel or Olilit Airport, Saumlaki (transfer time 20 mins).

Return day.
Last dive ends; 12pm, Penultimate Day, then sail back to Saumlaki where we spend last evening onboard. If you have booked an early flight, then you may have to skip 1 or 2 dives to allow for your minimum 18 hours surface interval/ No Fly Time (as recommended by PADI) before flying next day.

Safety and Common Sense
We know that time and investment in holidays are valuable and you want to dive as much as you can. We fully understand that, as we take diving holidays too! Be assured that we are committed to provide you with as many dives as we safely can. Besides the obvious reasons why we would not let you go for a dive (stated in your registration form declaration), being well rested and re-hydrated for your first dive is a good first step.

Therefore, we need to ensure that you have at least 6 hours of proper rest after your arrival before making your first dive. We know you learned about safety during your scuba course(s) but sometimes the excitement and anticipation of a diving holiday can get the better of us and we tend to overlook our own condition for a dive.

Our commitment to safety also includes our crew which is why we limit a maximum of 4 dives (including a night dive) in a day so that they too get ample rest to minimize fatigue, ergo minimize the risk of working on a vessel.

As always, itineraries are subject to weather, logistics and, importantly, where sites are better during the week of your cruise. Your cruise directors will constantly be updating you on the schedule/plans on board during your cruise.

Enriched Air Nitrox
Although the standard mix for EAN is 32%, on most dives we have made an educated decision to provide in the proximity of EAN30 instead, to allow a safer M.O.D. EAN30% would provide some degree of depth buffer if you are caught especially in a down current but will still allow ample extended length of bottom time (compared to normal air).

EANitrox prices are as follows:

US $8 per dive OR US $25 per day OR US $135 for 8 days/7 nights itinerary package.

Both DIN or International cylinders are available on board.

We also have 15L/100cuft Scuba Cylinders. It is an additional US $8 per cylinder per diving day.


Hotel/resort transfers to the embarkation point can be organized by Solitude with a 3rd party transportation company but will subject to additional charges. These charges will vary depending on your location. You are best advised to organize with your resort/hotel to be transferred directly to the embarkation point or to Ambon Domestic Airport Terminal w here we can pick you up from 0800hrs onward.

The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian, but English is also the working language of the country.

Time Zone: GMT +9

Climate: Tropical Climate with an annual mean temperature of 28°C (82°F). Rain is frequent between the months of May to August and the dry season that is good for diving is between September to April.

Water Temperature: Like most tropical countries, varies between 27°C ‐ 30°C (81°F ‐ 86°F) with occasional thermoclines possible.

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Solitude Adventurer accepts only in local Indonesian Rupiah and United States Dollar cash and credit card (Visa/Master Only). We do not accept any travellers’ cheques.

Electricity and plug sockets: Onboard are the same as in the British Standard (UK, SG, HKG ‐ Single phase, 220volts AC). All power sockets in the room (and throughout the vessel) are 220V 50Hz rated and do not have regulated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

Duty‐Free Allowance into Indonesia: Maximum 1 litre of any alcohol and no more than 200 sticks of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 100g (3.52 ounce ) of tobacco.

Diving: We have Enriched Air Nitrox, 100cuft/15L cylinders. DIN valves with yoke adapter on our cylinders.

Others: Laundry, Massage Chair, Trekking and Tour are available during the cruise (please refer to your cruise itinerary)

In‐room amenities: Includes air‐conditioning, wall fan, mini fridge (stateroom), writing desk and wardrobe, electronic in‐room personal safe, en-suite toilet and shower, bathrobe, hair dryer, shower amenities.

Alcohol: We have a choice selection of consumable alcoholic beverage including wine, cocktails, spirits and local beer at our bar. We allow any consumable alcoholic beverage not bought from our bar to be consumed in our vessel.

Money Changer/Currency Exchange Services: As foreign currency notes are scrutinized for the authenticity and condition (no marks, no flaws, etc.).

Mode of Payment: In Indonesia Rupiah (IDR ) and United States Dollar (USD) or Credit Card Visa/Master Card. You will find currency exchange service at any international airports or use the local Indonesian ATM withdrawals with your debit/credit card to obtain Indonesian Rupiah.

WIFI: Solitude Adventure r provides complimentary internet access onboard. To access the internet, our guests will need to connect via our WIFI Network Hotspot and use their sign‐in credentials that will be provided upon check‐in.

As connectivity can be affected by weather and is also reliant on a 3rd party service provider, Solitude Adventurer, her staff and management are NOT responsible for any inconveniences and/or loss of income, data or information which may arise due to the lack of the service, partially or completely.

Local SIM Card: Pre‐Paid SIM cards are easily accessible! In fact, they are available as soon as you exit from the baggage collection at the airport! There are many mobile telco providers – but the main and recommended one to choose is Telkomsel. Upon purchasing, you can have the salesperson help you set u p your chosen prepaid package.

Equipment Rental Onboard: We have Mares dive equipment and dive computers available for rent. Please let us know what you need in advance. We also do have a purpose‐built camera room, for charging your batteries and storing your cameras during your stay .

Nitrox: Although the standard mix for EAN is 32%, on most dives we ha ve made an educate d decision to provide in the proximity of EAN30 to EAN31 instead, to allow a safer M.O.D. EAN 30% would provide some degree of depth buffer if you are caught especially in a down current, but will still allow ample extended length of bottom time (compared to normal air). We provide a complete all‐inclusive diving package with EAN use and also daily EANitrox uses are as follows: USD 8 per dive OR USD 25 per day (4 dives). Proof of EAN certification must be presented with no exception.

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