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Raja Ampat - 14 to 21 Dec 2019
on board luxury LOB - MV Mega Adventurer

Day 1: Embarkation (Sorong) begins from 0800Hrs.
Embarkation at the harbour of Sorong starts from 0800Hrs to 1500Hrs. Only transfers from Sorong Domestic Airport are included in the cruise package. Hotel/resort transfers to the embarkation point can be organised by Solitude with a 3rd party transportation company but will subject to additional charges. These charges will vary depending on your location. You are best advised to organise with your resort/hotel to be transferred directly to the embarkation point or to Sorong Domestic Airport Terminal where we can pick you up from 0800hrs onwards.


Upon boarding Solitude Adventurer, a welcome from the rest of our crew awaits you. Orientation and registration (remember your C-Cards and/or Log Books!) will begin once you are welcomed. You are encouraged to complete your registration and general liability release forms prior to embarkation; this way you will save yourself some time with the orientation and can use this towards getting yourself settled in and rested! If you have not, there is nothing to worry about as you can complete them after the orientation to hand to your cruise directors. During the registration, Permit and National Park fees will be collected as well.Please refer to our “Know-Before-You-Go”document for the complete guide and amount.At this juncture, it is still an on-going discussion/evaluation to a reach a conclusion by the province authority of Raja Ampat to perform another port clearance in Waisai Island for all Liveaboards operating in Raja Ampat. If it is required, then the planned orientation dive will have to be cancelled as we will have to make our way to Waisai first.Lunch and/or Dinner are included.

Day 2: Penemu Island – 4 Dives

Dive Sites are Melissa’s Garden, My Reef,Galaxy and Jetty. There will also be a hike to thePiaynemoview point and a speedboat tour.

Day 3: Yanggefo Island – 4 Dives

Dive Sites are Mayhem Ridge, Citrus Ridge, Gam Ridge &Yanggefo’s Reef

Day 4: Aerborek Island – 4 Dives

Dive Sites are Manta Sandy, MantaRidge, Yambuba’s Jetty

Day 5: DampierStrait – 4 Dives

Dive Sites are Mike’s Point,Mioskon Island & Sapokren

Day 6: Dampier Strait – Mansuar Island –4 Dives

Dive Sites are Blue Magic, Sardine Reef, Cape Mansuar & Pulau Kecil. There will also be a topside activity of a village visit.

Day 7: Kri&Mansuar Island – 2 Dives

Dive Sites are Cape Kri, Sawondarek Jetty. We will begin sailing back to Sorong after Dinner. Your last dive must conform to our 18 hours no-fly/no-altitude policy.

Day 8: No diving, disembarkation (Sorong) at 1100hrs

During 0700hrs to 0800Hrs, you will be advised by a member of our crew on your bill (If you have any payments for Satellite Communications, Equipment Rentals, EANitrox, Alcohol, etc.). Please check that it is correct and make your payment at your convenience before 1030Hrs. We accept only CASH in USD (Preferred)or Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or Credit card (VISA and Master Card). After a big breakfast, we will organise an appreciation briefing followed by final disembarkation for our guests. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate late Check-Out requests as we must prepare for the new cruise the next day

Stateroom - USD3,640 per pax
Deluxe - USD3,465 per pax
Quad - USD3,360 per pax
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