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S$ 138/pax (1 tank dives)
 Top-Up Private Guide:
S$ 120/pax (1 to 1 guide)
S$ 250/buddy pair (1 tank dives)
Top-Up Private Guide:
S$ 120/buddy pair (1 to 1 guide)

Come dive with us at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove* as we search for cute little marine life like seahorse amongst the seaweeds & wall, cuttlefish, yellow & black thorny seahorse amongst the seagrass on seabed, pipefish, snake eel, sea snake, big cuttlefish, cuttlefish eggs inside fire coral, nudibranchs, school of juvenile gar fish and cardinal fishes, file fishes that seems to be everywhere, gobies that doesn’t hide in the holes, little butterfly fishes that comes in pair and much more!


  • Visibility: 2 to 4m

  • Depth: 2m to 6m

  • Current: Nil


Join us as we continue to explore this "new" dive site!

  • 3hrs include set up, 2hrs dives, rest and pack up.

  • 1 tank will be provided.

  • Washing point available at the dock to wash gear and guests can shower at the Marina.



  • Unguided dive with buddy: S$138/per diver
    Guide: top-up S$120 for dive guide (1 - 1)

  • Unguided dive with buddy: S$250/buddy pair
    Guide: top-up S$120/buddy pair for dive guide

Rental rates are as follows:

  • Mask & Snorkel: SGD 5

  • Fins: SGD 5

  • Wetsuit: SGD 10

  • BCD: SGD 12

  • Reg: SGD 12

  • Dive Computer: SGD 12

  • Torch: SGD 8

  • Weight belt & weights: FOC




For dates not stated, do drop us a note stating your interest at or 80138445

Please note that there will be no refund for any cancellation within 7 days of the dives. The spot is transferable to another diver at no additional cost.

Scuba Refresher, PADI Recreational Courses and PADI Divemaster Course available too! Email us for details.

*subject to prevailing SMM guidelines.

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