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Happy to report...

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

I have not been back to Sipadan Water Village for a while. Happy to report that the diving, living, food and chilling experience is still pretty awesome, friendly faces and lovely old friends; the resort is extremely organized with super thoughtful staff and crew from restaurant to dive centre to reception. Our guest commented that the submersibles seems to be the only agent in Singapore who organize house pick up for this full service dive holiday. If you are thinking about a fuss free dive trip of a lifetime to Mabul, Kapalai and Sipadan... honestly, The Submersibles are the best people to book with. But again I'm biased. Tee hee...

Doing their bit for the environment

Its heartening to see the dive masters at SWV picking up rubbish in every dive till divers started picking up too! Thank you to Emmanuel Bobby Joanes Basolius and Troy Mikhael Sulapas for instilling good practices and great critter spotting!

Doing mine too...

Plastic and Pads. Fish and Corals. They do not match perchance. Kudos to all the Dive masters at SWV who are consciously aware and picking up the litter as they went along showing flamboyant cuttlefish and all..... BUT with the exception of the pad... need a PADI dive against Sanitary pad and tampon and diapers specialty course.


Credit: Esther Lee

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