Pulau Hantu - 30 August 2020


What do you like to do on a Sunday morning? Some of us like to be escape from the city to realms of nature. With travel restrictions in place, one of the better options of nature is to go Scuba Diving in the Southern Islands of Singapore.

The dive boat departs from Republic of Singapore Yacht Club at West Coast Ferry Terminal Road. After a short 25 minutes ride, we arrive at Pulau Hantu. Pulau Hantu is made up of 2 islands, Besar (which means big) and Kechil (which means small). On this day, we dived just outside Pulau Hantu Besar, also known as the western reef.

The western reef is a big, submerged reef on the west of Pulau Hantu Besar. The top part of the reef can be as shallow as 1m and slopes down to about 12m at some parts. There are many nudibranchs in this area, especially the blue dragon.

On this day, we are very blessed to encounter a hawksbill turtle which was friendly enough to spend some time with us before swimming away. We also came across a cute, little, small baby cuttlefish.

Hope you enjoy our photos from Sunday's dives. Do join us for our upcoming dives at Pulau Hantu!

Credit: Chua Yingkai

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