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Let's go diving!

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Welcome to Komodo! We've been invited by the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia, on a familiarisation trip to Komodo National Park. We are staying at the comfy La Prima Hotel Labuan Bajo, with excellent views overlooking the national park and the sea, and a good place to catch the sunset (which I sadly missed by a few minutes trying to get to a better vantage point).

For dinner, we went to the Tree Top Restaurant, a quaint restaurant and hotel overlooking the harbour which served a delicious range of food, including sweet-and-sour fish, beef rendang, crab and corn soup, salted egg prawns, and garlic fried chicken. Diving and eating always come hand-in-hand after all!

The actual diving starts tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for updates about the amazing marine life to be found in Komodo!

Time To Dive..

We did three dives today amidst the crystal-clear waters and vibrant reefs of Komodo National Park.

The highlight of the day was at Batu Bolong, which literally means 'rock with a hole'. A small island surrounded by strong currents, we can only dive in the sheltered side of the island, but the currents attract an amazing number and variety of fish, big fish included! We saw two white tip reef sharks, several napoleon wrasse and even a manta ray on this dive, albeit out in the blue. There are so many colourful fish, that it's almost like swimming in an aquarium! Truly, this is what a healthy reef should look like.

We met some white-tip reef sharks at Batu Bolong. Gliding effortlessly through the water, they put us clumsy divers to shame!


Credit Samual Tan

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